The story of a life by the sea–capturing natural beauty and cultivating an organic, nourishing and mindful approach to the everyday.


Merfleur's natural and nourishing life includes a traditional diet full of bioavailable real food, non-toxic organic beauty and health products for the home and body, and a truly holistic look at health.

Hello there. Nice to meet you. I'm Jessi, curator of this little space called Merfleur.

I'm honest and a little quirky. Silly and thoughtful. Friendly and shy. Creative and practical. Incredibly klutzy, but somehow graceful in odd moments. Fascinated by artists and craftsmen of all kinds. Passionate about clean beauty. A bit of a yogi. A definite foodie. A minimalistic romantic photographer. An HSP.  A life-long learner discovering health and gently healing from PCOS, hypothyroidism, and adrenal fatigue.

I'm often asked what Merfleur means and where it comes from... Merfleur was born out of a desire to share a slower pace of life—one that values elements that naturally nourish the mind, the body, and the soul. This is two-fold for me and emerges through my two passions in life, wellness and photography.

The name Merfleur danced around in my head for years before I was brave enough to share it here. It is French-derived and American-read. It combines my two loves in nature: the sea and florals. 

Mer | sea   +   Fleur | flower

Merfleur | seaflower 

Read from left to right and pronounced:  


If you follow along, you'll discover many of my wellness shares to be educational. I'm fascinated by the body and dedicated to encouraging you (and myself) to pursue a life filled with natural and nourishing beauty products, foods, and perspectives. If you’d like to learn more about my practice, Merfleur Wellness, it will be officially opening up for the public in Jan of 2019, so keep an eye out for its launch!

My photography is also featured in this space and often incorporates simple  romantic portraits  and lifestyle spreads. I'm drawn towards nature's beauty everywhere I go, which causes me to style each shoot with flora, greens, and other elements of the earth that I find in my wanderings. My hope is that with each story and portrait I capture,  precious moments, humans, talents, and passions are celebrated and savored. 

My hope is that through following Merfleur you find yourself slowing down to consider the value of what's in your life—what goes on and in your body and the many lovely details and humans in your surroundings.

Life is precious and we live in a truly beautiful world. Let's pause and notice it together. 

À votre santé!