Guava | Real Talk


Real talk. I struggle with coming across too strong when it comes to topics like food and health. I could talk your ear off about the importance of organic vs gmo, the necessity of quality butter, or the difference between Jersey cow and Holstein milk. Yep, I'm a health nut. There's nothing wrong with being passionate and informed, but at times it can create in me a desire to "convert" all those I hold dear to my way of life. As a result, I can make others feel that their opinions are not valid or valuable—something I never want. It does sadden me, because my intention is never to hurt only to help. Yet, the reality is that health and especially food can be tender subjects for many people. I've been learning over the years how to approach it cautiously and allow others to ask deeper questions without me pushing. 

I'd like to say it never happens anymore, but the habit still does occasionally reared its head. One such time, a few months ago, it happened with a dear friend of mine. I shared too much too strongly. I was disappointed in my self, but she was incredibly gracious when we discussed it later. It was in this conversation that she came up with a brilliant idea. She decided we needed a code word. A word that she could say in the middle of a conversation that would basically let me know I was giving a "my way or the highway" speech. It was perfect. Our code word: guava. Haha, yep! It's hilarious and the perfect word to stop me in my tracks!

I love that real deep friendships can challenge and support you at the same time. The simple brave act of letting a friend know when she is being  annoying and prideful is something this world needs. more of.

The use of "Guava" has spread amongst our groups of friends and now anyone that gets a tad bit high-and-mighty gets graciously "guaved". It's hilariously beautiful. Nothing like a fresh sweet fruit to pull you out of a prideful perspective.

Growth can be hard, but with friends like these, even a guava-filled girl can find humility and self-awareness in a fresh and gentle way. 


À votre santé!