Friends, there are many wonderful options in the world of real food, but below are the people, shops, farms, and brands I personal source my food from and highly recommended. If any of these sources are not available to you, I suggest perusing their websites to learn about their offerings, practices, and standards, so that you can find similar sources online or in your hometown. I hope these are helpful in your pursuit of a nourishing and natural life! 

Nourishing Fare Resources


| Primal Pastures |

 Pasture-Raised & Beyond-Organic Family Farm

| Claravale Farm |

Pasture-Raised raw Jersey Cow & Goat Dairy

| The Flavor Chef & The Brothery |

Nourishing Organic Grass-Fed Chicken & Beef Bone Broth

| Thrive Market | 

Organic Pantry & Dried Goods

| prager brothers |

Organic Traditional Sourdough & Artisan Breads

| Radiant Life Catalog |

Supplements/Vitamins & Other Real Food Products


| Weston A. price Foundation |

The Ultimate Guide & Education around Nourishing Food